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This carte de visite photo can be closely dated to 1863-64 from the brief studio operational dates recorded on the London website for early photographers - - and from the plain style of printed card mount. Card-mounted photographic prints can be dated approximately from their physical characteristics, especially mount size, color, and the style of lettering/printed design.

Google the style of your picture mounts and see what you can find. Photographic images can always be dated accurately from their visual clues. Dating stylistic details such as our ancestors' mode of dress can perhaps seem daunting without experience.

These kinds of time frames, along with age estimates, can successfully pinpoint the correct generation of the family you're looking at. Judging age in old photos can be difficult, due to poor image quality or varying visual perceptions.

To include all possible ages, estimate widely, not narrowly. Children's ages can be judged most accurately from their physical appearance, so when young boys and girls appear in a dated or closely dateable photo, try to calculate their likely birth years to within a few years, to find them on the family tree. You may have successfully dated an old photo and confidently identified its subject(s), but what does that mean?

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It's entirely possible to sharpen the image with the potential to reveal hitherto hidden details such as wedding rings that are hazy on the original. They're also important visual 'documents' when placed within their true historical context, so make it a research priority to date each and every photograph as accurately as possible. There are several ways of dating old photographs and ideally they should all be used together to obtain the closest possible date.

Two young men stare out at me from a small old photograph. A variety of websites offer tips and tools, and they have the great advantage of being able to provide visual aids.

On the back, in my grandmother's handwriting, is written "Grandpa King's brothers." At least I've got some information to work with, but I'm eager to learn more: When was the picture taken? Which two of my great-grandfather's brothers are these? Type of photograph To learn more about my mystery photo, I checked examples of photos in the collections of Andrew J. Both websites detail the history of photography, including samples of various types of photography, such as daguerreotype, cabinet card and tintype.

Photo Shop is most people's go-to software, but free alternatives such as GIMP are all you'll need. Detailed, free tutorials are available on You Tube. Different types of photo were used at particular times in history, so begin by trying to identify the photographic format. Card-mounted studio portraits, common from c.1860, are often printed with the photographer's details.

Search online to see if operational dates are recorded on any freely-searchable photographer/studio databases and websites.

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